Step Into The Business Of Medicine With More Clarity And Confidence
So You Can Help More Patients More Effectively –
And Have More Time For Your Own Lifestyle!

Personal 1:1 consultation with Dr. Haynes so you can learn how to grow your practice by leveraging technology,
best marketing practices and innovative growth strategies.

Premier Physician Consulting with Dr. Haynes gives you a new ‘edge’ in growing your practice with integrity,
a fresh approach and careful consideration of the right resource allocation for maximum results.

As you likely know, the fastest way to achieve your goals is by working with an experienced consultant. In the field of medicine, that’s not easy to come by – especially when it comes to blending being a physician with the business side of medicine.

By working with Dr. Haynes, you could save yourself precious time, energy and resources in growing your your career and practice – it’s the investment that can literally pay you back.

Please complete the form below to setup a (complimentary) Discovery Conversation that will explore how working with Dr. Haynes as a consultant, mentor and/or peer / collaborator can benefit you.

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A Personal Note From Dr. Haynes:

I, myself, know the challenges and pitfalls of building a solid, reputable, independent practice in the era of big business. I remember thinking it could be a lot easier if I had access to someone with experience who could show me the ropes – and that’s why I do what I do now. Your patients and staff look to you for direction – and you need support to help with sound-boarding, practical guidance and learn what’s working now as a physician in the business of medicine. To that end, I am honored to learn more about you and potentially be a good go-to resource for you and your practice.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting you!

Dr. Delicia Haynes

CALL (386) 492-1064 TO LEARN MORE!

E-mail: info@familyfirsthealthcenter.com

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