Cornerstone Meal Replacement – Chocolate OR Vanilla 


1275 grams, 30 servings per canister

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Since many obese and overweight people are paradoxically malnourished due to reliance on calorie dense, nutrient poor food, the Cornerstone Meal Replacement Plan supplies “super-nutrition”, safely delivering 100-450% of the RDA of vitamins and all 72 trace minerals.

Cornerstone Meal Replacement has the highest protein compared to other meal replacements. Combined with milk it provides 31 grams of protein per serving. It also has the highest ratio of protein to carbohydrates without having to resort to artificial sweeteners because it is an all-natural product.

The protein is a blend of whey, which has the best taste, consistency and highest biological value of any protein powder, combined with pea protein to balance the amino acid profile.

This option includes 1 canister 30 serving which will last 15 days if taking it twice per day ( order 2 canisters for 30 days supply of consider the complete meal option)

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