Heart-Centered Compassion Meets Modern Medicine:

The New Path of All-Inclusive Healthcare

A comprehensive flat fee, membership-based direct primary care program for individuals and families.

Think of the last time you needed to see your doctor… it may have taken days (or weeks) to get an appointment and, once there, you felt rushed and pushed through the system. That happens because traditional medicine is paid by the number of patients seen in a day. Even more, also driven by insurance, you may not see the same doctor twice. It’s hard to feel comfortable much less supported by most healthcare systems anymore.

Think of it like this… with most insurance plans that we are accustomed to using, like car insurance, we pay out-of-pocket for the less expensive problems or for general maintenance (such as oil changes or door dings). However, we use our insurance for the expensive problems, such as those incurred in a major accident.

Unfortunately, traditional health insurance in the U.S. does not follow this sensible insurance trend. Instead, patients pay high monthly premiums for routine medical visits.

In addition to these increasingly high premiums, insurance companies also require us to pay yearly deductibles and co-pays!
Access Wellness

And that’s exactly why Dr. Haynes broke away from ‘the way it’s done’ to practice medicine in the spirit of true healthcare.

Rather than being accountable to the dictates of big-box healthcare systems and having to practice according to the actuarial tables of insurance companies, Dr. Haynes is choosing to be accountable to her patients by offering a higher level of compassionate, patient-oriented healthcare in an affordable way.

As a result, she has put together a new healthcare model designed to truly meet her patients’ needs – unhurried and unlimited visits, on-time scheduling, virtual consultations (by phone or virtual visits) for convenience and more – all for one flat monthly rate.

At Family First Healthcare, you’ll be welcomed by name upon your arrival. The staff will smile and show you to the exam room on time, where you will have a real conversation with Dr. Haynes or one of her experienced colleagues. If you need lab work, in-house procedures or tests, there won’t be any extra fees; instead, it will be handled and you will get the results with clear explanations.

In other words, as a member of the Access Wellness Program, you will be treated like family at Family First Healthcare.

What Is Access Wellness Membership?

Simply put, it’s a higher level of healthcare for one flat monthly rate (instead of paying co-payments at the time of service).

The formal term is membership-based ‘Direct Primary Care’ and is intended to remove the hassle and barriers of health insurance from the examination room AND to reclaim the heart of medicine – the Doctor – Patient relationship.

Think of your Access Wellness Program as just that – an all-inclusive ‘gym-style’ membership to your personal physician’s office and resources. (Just like a gym membership, you show your ‘membership card’ to get all the benefits of the facility; in the Access Wellness Program, the benefits are numerous and they are personalized to what you need when you need it for your health.)

Major Benefits of the Access Wellness Program Membership include:

  • Unhurried visits – and unlimited! – with your physician or medical professional.
  • On-time appointments to honor your time.
  • Year-round comprehensive primary care for acute and chronic visits related to pediatrics, adult medicine, physicals, well-woman exams, treatment of diabetes, depression and more!*
  • Convenient virtual educational consultations with a top-notch physician during extended office hours via e-mail, phone or webcam if you are busy, traveling or can’t make it to the office!
  • Routine, on-request, basic lab studies that test levels for cholesterol, diabetes, electrolytes, prostate, thyroid, HIV, pregnancy tests, strep testing and more!*
  • Routine, on-request in-house tests such as EKGs, Spirometry (lung function), urinalysis and oxygen saturation.*
  • Many in-office procedures such as; basic wound care, staple and stitch removal. In addition, access to deeply discounted advanced laboratory services.*
  • 24-hour ability to communicate questions regarding your medical record and labs through our secure online patient portal.

* Note: Family First Access Wellness Primary Care Membership is not insurance, but it covers 90% of the issues that send most people to their doctor.

For applicable patients. Membership fees for Medicare-eligible patients cover only defined amenities which are not covered under insurance.

Is Access Wellness For You?

The Access Wellness Program is best for people who want quality medical care and a strong relationship with a compassionate, experienced physician in Dr. Haynes and her hand-selected team of colleagues.

Age is not a factor because babies to the young-at-heart will receive the care they need at Family First Healthcare.

Current physical condition is also not a factor because that’s the whole point – you now have a one-stop resource to appropriately support your healthcare.

Essentially, the Access Wellness Program is open to individuals, families, children, ‘silver seniors’ young at heart and anyone else who is looking for a comprehensive, warm and welcoming approach to their professional healthcare needs.

You might have some questions and, if you do, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page here.

Your Next Step Is To Join Now!

Joining is easy… as a new patient, we ask that you complete the new patient forms on this page.

Monthly Individual Membership Rates:

Children (age 0 – 18): $79
Adults (age 19+): $149

Monthly Family Rates:

Add an additional member for 20% off monthly membership

Then we invite you to request an appointment below – be sure to let us know that this is your first visit so we can show you around the office.

As soon as possible, you will either receive a phone call or an email from one of our team that confirms your appointment date and time.

And, of course, if you want to talk with us at any time, just give us a call:  (386) 492-1064.

We’re looking forward to meeting you – and serving you as your health provider!