Convenient, High-Quality Healthcare On Your Terms – 24/7

“It’s Like Having a Doctor in the Family” – Premier Concierge Member

Highly personalized round-the-clock-access healthcare designed to meet the needs created

by limited time and demanding schedules.

Concierge MedicineWhen you are on the go, the last thing you want to worry about is your doctor’s office hours. Even more, you want answers when you need them… sitting in a hotel room at 3 am, are you having a panic attack or a heart attack? Does your throat feel like broken glass – and your presentation is just hours away? Are you in town for a few hours and need same-day medical service for you and/or your family?

At that point, it’s not about insurance – it’s about ‘ahhh-surance’.

Peak performers need every advantage to stay healthy because your productivity, performance and bottom line rely on it. An unexpected illness can take you out of the game. Even if you’re already healthy, you know the advantage of having the resources you need on speed-dial.

Wellness is not just the absence of disease, but presence of well-being. To be at your best, you must preserve and enhance your most valuable asset… your health and vitality! And that doesn’t happen 9-5 – it happens when you’re on the go wherever you are and THAT is why Concierge Medicine is your best option for personalized healthcare.

Real-Life Scenarios For Premier Concierge Medicine

Most people take for granted how healthcare works by scheduling appointments and sitting in crowded waiting rooms – but you are not most people! You know the value of your time and your health.

Following are real-life scenarios where Premier Concierge Medicine can help to reduce anxiety, make informed treatment decisions and get back on track physically.

  • Experiencing unexplained pain in the middle of the night and you have an early am flight.
  • Having severe stomach pains, dizziness and blurred vision that are making you miserable.
  • Having chest pains that need to be explained NOW.
  • Finding a lump on your breast and wanting to talk with your doctor right then and there.
  • Discovering some kind of bug bite and want to know what to do about it.
  • Taking a fall and need to determine now what to do next.
  • Having joint pains, sudden hearing loss or a throbbing, lingering headache – with the pressure of an important meeting looming.
  • Being unable to sleep and finding your temper is short with your colleagues, which is unacceptable.
  • Experiencing your child waking up screaming due to night terrors and you need help at that hour.
  • Been traveling and need an expert medical opinion about some symptoms because you don’t have time to be sick.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of Premier Concierge Medicine is that you are not alone during these kinds of situations because your personal doctor is on-call.

The Premier Concierge Medicine Program

Premier Concierge Medicine is about peace of mind for you and your loved ones by providing personalized medical treatment and advice when you need it 24/7.

You have a deeper, more personal relationship with your personal physician without the stress of having to wait for answers in crowded waiting rooms.

Your healthcare is on your terms as a result of highly attentive individualized care in a more relaxed, personalized and enjoyable setting – which may be your hotel room across time zones.

Speed, convenience and high-quality health care at its best – on your terms when you need it!

What You Get


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What To Do Next

Don’t wait for the unexpected health crisis – take a proactive approach to your health.

The annual investment in the Premier Concierge Medicine Program is $4,997; additional family members can be added for $3,500 each.

Our helpful Health Advocate is on stand-by to answer your questions about the program and even schedule your first appointment. Simply call (386) 492-1064 to speak to your Health Advocate.

You can also click on the button below to join the program right now; when you do, your Health Advocate will be calling you with a warm welcome and to answer your questions then.

For Your Consideration

In a fast-paced 24-hour world where performance and feeling your best is paramount, having your personal physician is not a luxury – it’s a requirement. The quality of your life and livelihood rests on your ability to show up fully.

Proactive prevention and in-the-moment personal treatment are the leading edge of medicine.

When you can have a high quality of personal and attentive healthcare on your terms, why would you settle for anything less?

CALL (386) 492-1064 TO LEARN MORE!

“It is my pleasure to serve as your family physician and I look forward to providing on-going, continued care for you and your loved ones for years to come! You have a choice in selecting where you receive your primary care and we are happy you have chosen Family First Health Center as your medical home.” ~ Dr. Delicia Haynes


One Other Option For You – The Executive Wellness Physical

Premier Concierge MedicineWhile our premier Premier Concierge Medicine Program is ideal for continuous on-call healthcare, you may want to have a one-day ‘in and out’ comprehensive physical to get a nearly instant ‘snapshot’ of your health, along with professional recommendations.

The Executive Wellness Physical exam includes all above amenities on the day of the onsite VIP physical. Most tests can be completed in one day.

Arrangements can be made to have blood work done prior to the exam for discussion at the visit or we can arrange a convenient in-person or electronic visit to discuss your results.

The investment for the Executive Wellness Physical is $2,750.

It is our pleasure to provide you and your team with customized care to meet your corporate wellness needs, goals and aspirations.