Weight ManagementCarrying Extra Weight Is More Than A Lifestyle Choice

Carrying extra weight is complex, frustrating and, at the core, a disease process.

Regardless of your age, fitness level or circumstances, obesity is a life-altering condition. Left untreated, it can drain the joy out of your activities and literally take years off your life.

The good news is that we treat the disease by creating a customized program to meet your specific needs. No two bodies are exactly the same and that’s how we approach creating solutions.

When you work with Dr. Haynes and her team, you will receive a weight loss and maintenance solution that works with your lifestyle, medical needs and weight loss goals.

Weight LossOne of the benefits of our program is our focus on achieving optimal body composition (vs. simply losing weight).

That means we measure body composition, fitness levels and provide dietary and nutritional counseling around eating real foods.

We also recommend nutrient-dense supplements , as well as a movement program designed for your success.

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ABOM SealRather than battling old stories on your own, we partner with you to help change behavior choices and patterns that have led to excess weight gain while helping you make the positive changes in your life that will assist you in releasing excess weight and maintaining your optimal body composition.

There is a proverb that says when you want to travel fast, go alone but when you want to travel far, go with others. Reaching your optimal weight is a commitment to being your best self – and we are waiting with open arms to support you in reaching your goals starting today.