New Benefits for Your Business

Membership medicine offers an alternative for employee benefits



Dr. Delicia Haynes is pleased to announce the opening of Family First Health Center, a membership-style healthcare service for business owners in our community. Membership medicine, known as Direct Primary Care (DPC), is fast becoming an affordable healthcare solution for the small business community due to the value it offers both employers and employees!

What can Family First Access Wellness do for your business?

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  • Provide comprehensive primary care to staff
  • Increase productivity with a healthier staff
  • Control healthcare costs with a low, flat monthly fee
  • Directly connect your staff with top-notch physicians
  • Virtual visits with the doctor
  • Decreased absenteeism with virtual visits
  • Retain employees with an affordable primary care benefits package offering

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Employee Benefits:

Longer One-On-One Time With The Doctor

Longer One-On-One Time With The Doctor

Dr. Haynes, honored amongst America’s Top Family doctors in 2014, cultivates relationships with patients with 30 minute appointments.

Get Healthy Stay Healthy Wellness Plan<

Get Healthy Stay Healthy Wellness Plan

Dr. Haynes utilizes the Get Healthy Stay Healthy Wellness Plan, an evidence-based health and wellness platform that develops customized solutions and services for patients of Family First Health Center.

24/7 Communication With The Doctor's Office

24/7 Communication With The Doctor’s Office

As members of Family First Health Center, patients have unlimited access to a pipeline of constant communication with Dr. Haynes.

Same or Next Day Appointments

Same or Next Day Appointments

Family First Health Center guarantees patients prompt and convenient appointments with Dr. Haynes.

Virtual Visits with the Doctor

Virtual Visits with the Doctor

Can’t make it to the office? Visit Dr. Haynes instantly over the internet using your smartphone, tablet and your web cam.

Discounted Services, Labs And Tests<

Discounted Services, Labs And Tests

As members of Family First Health Center, patients gain access to discounted services, labs, and specialty procedures personally negotiated by Dr. Haynes.

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E-mail: healthyemployees@familyfirsthealthcenter.com

And please check out our Frequently Asked Questions here for answers as well!

The membership fees cover only defined Amenities which are not covered services under insurance plans. In the case where medical care services are provided to you and are either covered under your insurance plan or are excluded from the Program, you and/ your insurer will be financial responsible for paying for all such healthcare and medical care services.