QUESTION: What are the monthly membership rates?


  • Children age 0-18  $ 59
  • Adults age   19-50 $ 79
  • Adults age   51 +  $ 99

QUESTION: Are there family specials?

ANSWER: Yes! We love our families and recognize they come in all ages, sizes, and backgrounds. We offer the following monthly plans:

  • Couples plan (2 adults of any age, no children) – $149
  • 2 Parent Family Plan (2 adults plus 1 child) – $199*
  • Single Parent Family Plan (1 adult plus 1 child) – $129*

* Additional children may be added to Family plans for $ 40 per child

QUESTION: What about laboratory tests?

ANSWER: For applicable patients, Basic labs such as CBC, CMP, thyroid studies, c reactive protein, prostate specific antigen, hemoglobin A1c, strep testing, urinalysis, pregnancy testing, and HIV are included in the membership. EKG and spirometry testing (for lung function) are also included. We have negotiated special rates for more advanced laboratory tests as well. You may also still use your traditional insurance. 


QUESTION: Do I have to pay monthly?

ANSWER: You may choose to pay your complete one year membership up front at a 5% discount or we can set up monthly re-occurring payments. All programs have a 6 month commitment. Our six month program is perfect for Snow Birds! Continue your membership and you can take advantage of our telemedicine services from miles away!

QUESTION: What if I need to see a specialist?

ANSWER: We are negotiating special rates with some of the area’s best cardiologists, neurologists, pulmonologists, hematologists and orthopedic physicians, which we will pass on to our patients. You can always see the specialist physician of your choice and use Medicare or your traditional insurance .

QUESTION: What if I need an imaging study?

ANSWER: We are negotiating special, members- only rates for x-rays, ultrasounds, bone density, mammograms, and CT scans with the areas most respected Radiology group. You may also choose to use Medicare or your traditional insurance.

QUESTION: What about pap smears?

ANSWER: For applicable patients Pelvic exams are included with a $25 additional pathology fee payable at time of service.

QUESTION: Will my health information be shared with insurances if I invest in a membership?

ANSWER: Under applicable HIPAA rules, patients have the right to restrict any Personal Health Information shared with third-party insurers and health plans, IF they pay for the services themselves. If you value your privacy and don’t want your health information shared with third parties, Family First Access Wellness is a great option for you!

QUESTION: Can I get Access Wellness membership through my employer?

ANSWER: Yes! Knowing what employee health expenditures will be is of key importance to a business’ bottom line. Family First Access Wellness employee memberships allow companies to better forecast their health care expenditures and provide valuable benefits to retain talented employees. We are glad to speak with your employer’s Chief Executive or Chief Financial Officer to explore this option. Family First Access Wellness is a great option for small business owners and self-funded companies who are looking to provide great benefits for themselves and retain great employees. Even if your employer doesn’t cover the membership, it is still a valuable investment in your health. Employer based health insurance is a great option for people guaranteed to have their job benefits for life, but in today’s environment that is rarely a guarantee. Your Family First Access Wellness membership allows you to take control of your health care!


QUESTION: Can you recommend a health insurance to go with the plan?

ANSWER: Choosing a health insurance plan is highly individualized. A high deductible plan may make sense for a relatively healthy person with few medical issues, while a more traditional plan may be appropriate for someone with more complex medical issues. We are happy to share the contact information of helpful health insurance agents. If you plan on purchasing your insurance on the exchange you could consider a high deductible plan for your needs. There are also several private plans available to cover unexpected emergencies.

In addition to traditional insurance, there are faith based and non-faith based, voluntary, healthcare cost-sharing ministries that are acceptable options to meet the individual mandate for health cost coverage in the Affordable Care Act. They include Liberty HealthShare, www.libertyhealthshare.org (855) 585-5237, Samaritan Ministries, www.samaritanministries.org (888) 268-4377, Christian Care Ministry www.mychristiancare.org (800) 772-5623, and Christian Healthcare Ministries, www.chministries.org (800) 791-6225.

It is very important to carry some type of insurance for life’s unforeseen medical emergencies. High Deductible plans (also known as catastrophic coverage) make an excellent accompaniment to the Family First Access Wellness Program as do cost sharing ministries.

You’ll use your insurance or cost sharing ministry for the big stuff, and for everything else, there’s Family First Access Wellness!

QUESTION: Is this tax deductible?

ANSWER: Many Health expenses do qualify in part but please speak to your CPA or financial advisor for specific answers on what would be best for you.

Want In?

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