“It’s Primary Care like you would design yourself” – Access Wellness Member


ALL* membership, clinical visits and telemedicine visits (webcam, email, phone) are provided to you without any additional fees during regular office hours.

BENEFITS: Fast access to doctor, ease of use, and NO additional fees.


Ear Wax Removal = FREE
Stitch Removal = FREE
Wart Freeze = ( $15 per lesion for members) 
Abscess Drainage = FREE
Pap Smear = $35 Lab Fee

BENEFITS: Most procedures are FREE!

Prescription Medication

Rx bottle imageFor convenience, in conjunction with a local pharmacy, we offer many prescription medications at wholesale prices to members, a 50-90% savings.

BENEFITS: Conveience and 50% to 90% worth of savings!

Labs & Tests

labs vialAll Labs are done in house and available at our wholesale prices. We also offer tests below that are at no additional cost for our members, including:

  • Urinalysis
  • EKG (heart)
  • Spirometry (lungs)
  • Urine HCG Pregnancy Test

BENEFITS: Labs & tests not covered by the membership fee will be provided at “wholesale” price without additional mark-up. Most common tests are $20 or below.


syringe imageFlu Vaccine:
High Dose (age 65+): $55
Regular Dose: $25

TB (Tuberculosis): $35
Hepatitis B: $60
Tdap (Tetanus): $67

BENEFITS: Easy to make vaccination appointments with your doctor and through your membership with us, you are guaranteed the best available prices!


xray imageWe have a discount network of affordable imaging studies for our members. On average these prices are a 70-90% savings for self-pay or patients with high-deductible plans.

X-rays = $25-65
MRI = $240-525
CT Scans = $125-385
Bone Density Scan = $50
Mammography = $145-175
Ultrasounds = $65-225

BENEFITS: On average these prices are 70-90% savings for self-pay or patients with high-deductible plans AND we have a discount network of affordable imaging studies for our members.

Monthly Membership Rates: 

  • Children age 0-18: $79
  • Adults age 19+: $149

Monthly Family Rates: 

  • Add an additional member for 20% off monthly membership

Premier level patients enjoy ALL of the above PLUS 24/7/365 Direct Access to their Private Doctor’s personal cell phone and email, 24/7 virtual visit access, home visit, nursing home, rehab, or hospital visit, Holistic Wellness Elements Session and much more. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Haynes for pricing.