Welcome to Dr. Kim’s Kitchen

I love food and nutrition. If I had to do it all over again, I wish I would’ve majored in nutrition in college. I do not think there is a one-diet-fits-all. But I do believe everyone can drastically benefit from some general guidelines of limiting sugar and processed foods.  We should be eating real, whole foods. If it has a shelf life and a long ingredient list, you probably should cut it out. I also encourage eating out less and cooking more at home. It is nearly impossible to avoid inflammatory oils, excess sugar and salt, and terrible ingredients when eating out. I talk to many of my patients about diet and lifestyle in the office, and for that reason I created an Instagram @drkimskitchen where you can see what I actually eat, get meal ideas and other nutrition tips. My diet and lifestyle is by no means what everyone should be on, but it can be a start if you’re looking to make some changes. If you have specific health conditions or concerns please make an office appointment and together, we can find the right lifestyle for you.

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